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Link The Pink to The City Team Challenge Portland's City Team Challenge Linking Hope to Overcoming Cancer July, 2014 (Portland, OR) On September 27th, The PORTLAND City Team Challenge will join Link The Pink in helping those with cancer and raising awareness of early detection being key for both men and women. Teams of 2-10, in varying ages, genders and ability levels will meet at 11:00 a.m. in the grass at Terry Schrunk Plaza, Downtown Portland. Participants will be given a clue sheet and navigate throughout the waterfront and downtown area solving mental mind-boggles, testing their ability in the physical realm, and finding some of the most obscure objects, all within the time allotted to win their challenge and over $500 in cash and prizes.

Link the Pink and the chain reaction began as a senior project in 2010. Pink links were sold for $1 each, names were written on the links and connected to other pink links causing a 'chain reaction'. They raised $800 from this first event benefiting those unable to afford breast cancer screenings. The chain reaction has grown through the years and now The City Team Challenge is getting linked. The City Team Challenge began in Scottsdale, AZ with the idea of creating scavenge- hunt type events in varying cities around the world benefiting those in need.


Our friend (Danielle) story

Danielle Sweazey a nurse, mother to three and a wife to her adorning husband was 28 at the time of her breast cancer diagnosis in 2013. She felt a lump in her right breast but was reassured that because of her young age it was more than likely fibrosis tissue and was completely normal in January of 2013. She was seen by another doctor in early September as it was becoming more and more worrisome. ...This doctor ordered a mammogram and the turmoil began. Danielle had four tumors in her right breast and underwent a bilateral mastectomy. Surgery confirmed she had a positive lymph node which was a bummer to the treatment because it ensured she will need to go through chemotherapy for 16 weeks, starting November 6th. Danielle will then go through 6 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week. After radiation she will have a couple reconstruction surgeries. All in all the doctors say that she is looking at a year until treatment ends should everything go as planned. Early detection is KEY with breast cancer and you must listen to your body! You are never to young to start doing self checks and one day it may just save your life!

Link the Pink nail polish

We are working on the second nail polish color! Stay tuned!

Designer hopital gowns

These handmade designer gowns are being donated by Link the Pink to Providence East Portland, OR in the Radiology department. The first gown was given to Danielle a new friend of ours who is going through chemo. The idea came from wanting to feel good in the process of going through radiation and/or chemo. Thank you to Malila for sewing the gowns together. This picture shows two of the fabrics used, there are many more to come.

Donate to Link the Pink

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Survivor Chior

Breast Cancer Survivors Choir


3138 N. Vancouver Avenue Portland OR  97227

Time: 6:30pm

“Sing, Sing a Song

Sing out loud, Sing out strong”


We invite breast cancer survivors to participate in the first Survivor’s Choir! The formation of the choir is the first of its kind in Portland.  The choir performs at events celebrating breast cancer survivors around the Portland Metro area.


Ms. Julianne R. Johnson, Recording Artist, Actress and Director will lead the survivors’ choir.  Julianne is an artist who has thrilled audiences in the Northwest, as well as internationally, for more than 25 years. From Jazz to R & B, Motown to Broadway, Gospel to Blues, Julianne has the education, skill and experience to display each musical style with professionalism.  Julianne has been featured on numerous philanthropic CD projects and has worked with The Fabric of Life/AIDS Foundation, American Cancer Society, Breast Friends, Oregon Food Bank, among many others.


She is not just a vocalist but an entertainer who has the ability to connect with an audience in a personal manner, no matter the size of the audience.


To sign up for the choir and get additional information contact Julianne Johnson at All survivors are welcome!

Link the Pink is on Cleaning Affair

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Click the link to buy great deals on golf and give back to Link the Pink!

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Upcoming Events!


More information on the EVENTS PAGE...

Romy's event once a month at Vancouver Mall contact Romy's for up coming dates!

We will keep you posted on our events page



LTP Annual Events



March~ Let's Pin down cancer (Bowling)


June~   Pink on the Fly (Fly flishing) 


July~ Hair for me event


August~  Bag of Hope @ Noodles & Co in Clackamas


October~  Breast Cancer awareness month

Our Mission

Link the Pink is an organization that links with businesses and organizations to embrace people in need.We are linking with the community worldwide.

Its purpose is to make the quality of life better among people with cancer and disabilities(financially, physically, mentally, etc.). Also, to give opportunity to those that would like to give back by giving cash donations, volunteering or donating items for the bag of hope. In doing this we give inspiration, love, and hope especially to those in their time of need.

How we came about...

I'm Joanna, one of the girls who started Link the Pink and the chain reaction in 2010. It started off with a senior project, I wanted to do something different from everyone and think out-of-the-box. A friend and I chose a cause, an event, and where to donate to. We ended up with over $800 dollars by selling pink links for $1. People would write their name on it and it would be connected to other pink links to create a 'chain reaction'. All the donations went to a fund that the Kearney Breast Canter in Vancouver, WA started for uninsured and underinsured women. Breast imaging is expensive and it breaks my heart to hear that some people can't afford to save their life by a simple breast screening. 'Early detection in the key'. Thank you so much for helping Link the Pink make a difference. Your effort won't go unnoticed.

Joanna Ky (Founder of Link the Pink)

Thank you girls for helping the community. You are making more of an impact than you know. Link the Pink became a organization because of your unselfish cause!


Pink is universally recognized as a color that represents healing, life, support, community, fun, laughter, special events, softness, femininity and survival. It also serves as a gentle reminder of our good friends and family members who have not survived, but fought the good fight. Pink serves as our banner that helps us stay alert to the fact that there is a battle raging and we need to stay vigilant. Pink helps us remember. As we see pink in so many things around us, both in nature and society, we are encouraged to stay the course, fight the good fight and give our love and support to so many who are in the fight with us.